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When looking for affordable, quality towing services in Orlando, you can’t do better than Alfredo Towing Orlando. Our services are top of the line in the greater Orlando metropolitan area and beyond. Although Florida is a rather large state with hundreds of towing companies, our team at Alfredo Towing Orlando FL prides itself on quality at a fantastic price, providing superb services with the best-in-the-industry staff to boot.

We understand how stressful towing can be, which is why all our services are built by people who are ready to meet your needs. Our professional team is skilled in everything we do, including towing and helping you get the help you need. After all, Alfredo Towing Orlando is the “best towing company in Orlando” for a good reason – we get work done, and we do it for you.

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Combined with some of the most extensive experience and skillsets in the Florida area, Alfredo Towing also hosts a wide array of highly state-of-the-art technologies and procedures to bring our innovative approaches to you. Whether it’s in light towing, medium, heavy, or beyond, we’ve got the ability and the skills bolstered by our fantastic team to bring Alfredo Towing Orlando’s top-notch services straight to you.

Our services include free estimates and other quick benefits, providing an entire streamlined process from start to finish. Alfredo Towing Orlando is an all-in-one towing and situational experience, with everything from conventional towing to emergency, 24/7 response under one roof.

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Light Duty: Our light-duty towing services are some of the fastest and most effective in the industry, quickly but carefully recovering and transporting your vehicle (whether it be SUV, sedan, small truck, or beyond) to a place where it can be serviced. Although light-duty towing is the most common form of towing, we still bring our best to the table to make your experience that much more special.


Flatbed towing is a specialty that never falters – when dealing with a sensitive situation or one that requires special attention, we provide flatbed services, carefully transporting your vehicle atop a flat-bedded relocation vehicle. While traditional towing frequently is all that’s necessary, some sensitive situations require the more fine-tuned approach of a flatbed tow.

Mobile Crane Servicing

When a standard tow truck doesn’t cut it, then our specialty mobile crane comes to the rescue. Often saved for those situations where a vehicle isn’t easily recoverable or accessible, usually following a difficult situation, our team will mobilize and transfer a mobile crane to carefully recover your vehicle before offloading and relocating it for servicing.

Heavy Duty Towing

In those situations where light-duty towing doesn’t cut it, then it’s time to bring out the big boys. Our heavy-duty towing services provide towing coverage for loads of over 17,000 pounds, carrying dump trucks, machinery, multiple vehicles, tractor-trailers, trucks, and more, all while bringing our top-of-the-line services and abilities suitable to your car.

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Pricing is one of the most stressful parts of the towing experience, although our team has it streamlined to a steady process. While every case is unique in what’s required and the situation presented, Alfredo Towing Orlando is ready to offer an informative, free estimate for our services to you. With dozens of services and employees at the ready, we’re prepared to get you the right towing experience for the correct cost.

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